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Current Release Version: 3.5.3

Version 3.5.3

Version 3.5.1

  • New integrated interface for ordering greeting cards. The old version simply showed the Flash movie from the web site, and the user had to manually enter the design name.

  • FTProofsheet now has a means of refreshing the directory (“film roll”) listing while the window is open. This can be useful if the lab is actually updating the user’s account at the time.

  • The Mac version is now fully Retina-aware, and will put its best foot forward on Retina displays.

  • FTPhoto is now available for Linux (GTK+).

  • Fixed issues with FTProofsheet properly deleting local cache files, when “film rolls” are deleted from the server.

  • For the legacy Mac (Universal Binary) version, the URL transfer libraries (libcurl) are updated, and on parity with the “modern” versions.

  • Order selection popup menus will now reset to “neutral” if the user, in the middle of making an order, decides to browse other files in the list. This is intended to prevent a scenario where a user could return to an in-progress order without re-selecting the original file, and inadvertently order the wrong thing.

  • Bug fix: if the user already had a list of files with one or more services ordered for “all images”, then decided to add another file, and confirmed that the “all images” orders applied here as well, FTPhoto would leave that file “red” in the list. As a result, the upload button would not un-dim even though a “legal” order did exist.

    Version 3.4.2

  • The usual tweaks.

  • The scroll bars in FTProofsheet list boxes now automatically move when the selection would otherwise go out of range.

  • Minor bug fixes in FTProofsheet.

    Version 3.4.1

  • FTProofsheet downloads now go into an enclosing folder on the desktop, instead of directly onto the desktop.

  • Fixed an FTProofsheet cosmetic issue where sometimes a displayed thumbnail was not in synch with the file actually being downloaded.

    Version 3.4

  • FTProofsheet users may now download and delete all directories with one click.

  • Fixed a bug that was caused a crash when some Windows users tried to upload. Figured it out even though I couldn't reproduce it....yay! Thanks to a patient user who helped test.

  • Improved refreshing of captions and progress bars on the upload window.

  • Mac version has improved appearance on Retina displays.

  • The usual "various bug fixes."

    Version 3.3.1

    Minor bug fixes.

    Version 3.3

    Introduced the companion program, FTProofsheet. This is designed for labs who have film customers, giving the customers easy access to their scans, etc.

    Version 3.2

    All FTP operations are now handled with libCURL.

    Version 3.1.1

  • Improved user notifications. The Mac version has Growl support on OS X 10.6 or better. If Growl is not installed, will use Notification Center on 10.8 or better.

  • On Windows, notifications appear in the task bar.

  • The help documents are now viewable directly in the application, and do not go to the user's browser.

  • The Mac Version is now offered as an Intel-only "Cocoa" build for OS X 10.6 or better (older systems may work, but are not tested.) A PowerPC "Carbon" version is still offered for 10.4 or better. This will also run on Intel Macs (up to 10.6) under the "Rosetta" environment.

  • Improved stability and multitasking on Windows.

  • Fixed an issue with the "Save Order" feature, which was broken in a prior release.

  • Modified the code for the e-mail confirmation feature, to seek greater compatibility across different SMTP servers.

  • Fixed a bug where the information in the User Profile window would be scrambled, if the window happened to be open when an upload was completed. Fortunately, it's unlikely anyone would actually do this. :-)

    Various bug fixes and tweaks, including updating code for newer development tools.

    Version 3.0.1

  • Thumbnail image rendering is now much faster, and no longer requires QuickTime (cross-platform) or GDI+ (Windows) for any file format commonly accepted by a photo lab. In keeping with this, when a folder of images is imported, all thumbnails are drawn at once, instead of only being drawn and cached on demand when an image is first selected. If installed on the user's computer, QuickTime is still used as a last-resort for certain QuickTime-compatible file formats.

  • A more modest "special-instructions" window now appears to the side of the main window. Previously, the special-instructions window took over the interface.

  • Improved multithreading keeps the interface responsive, preventing the illusion of a hang when a folder with a ridiculously huge number of images is imported into the list. Thanks to our tester who decided to be ridiculous.

  • FTPhoto no longer presents a dialog to the user, if a file name has a character that is not allowed on FTP servers; a good example is "/" (often used for dates in file names), since this is used to indicate a file path. FTPhoto now handles this invisibly, without user input.

  • Addressed Windows-specific stability issues, with the features whereby FTP pauses an upload for later resumption, and aborts an order altogether (which also deletes the partial upload from the server.) These methods were re-written from scratch.

  • Addressed issues of flickering of progress displays in the Windows version.

  • FTPhoto is extensively re-written to conform with modern best-practices for multi-tasking. This will aid in the future transition of the Mac version to the "Cocoa" API.

  • Clicking on the thumbnail will open another window, with a larger version of the image. This was previously an undocumented feature that worked only with QuickTime.
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