It's a nimble desktop program. It is running on the user’s computer. There is no need to deploy a web app. This means that a client can even prepare an order while offline. Any broken uploads are resumed from the point of interruption.

You own it. This is not rentware. Leave that to Adobe. You get any updates released for one year. Support can be renewed, but what you have continues to work.
It is targeted to your lab. A customer can use a generic FTP client to send a file anywhere. Uploads from FTPhoto come straight to YOU.

Multi-language support. Our software can be localized for the nation where your lab is located. Or, if you have a multilingual clientele, all can view the application in the language set by the OS.
Shared-key encryption protects the security of your customers' information, all while using standard FTP. We now also support SFTP.
E-mail confirmation of uploads. FTPhoto sends you a mail (with a CC back to the customer) when a session is complete.

Server administration is easy. If you do not already operate an FTP/SFTP server, we can help. It’s easier than you think, even if you don’t have a static IP address.

The Benefits of FTPhoto

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